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On the 16th Feburary 2013, the brain boxes and geniuses gathered at St Michael's Community Hall in Welling to put their general knowledge to the ultimate SAM test! Over 150 people held their pens at the ready and scratched their heads as the questions came thick and fast, pushing their grey matters to the limit. Some even needed to refuel with takeaway pizza and fish and chips to make sure they were at optimum power.


In amongst all the thinking fun, the hall was filled with amazing prizes ready to be won. From theature tickets to hair products, garden equipment to kitchen appliances, we had prizes for everyone! There was also the ever popular head and tails game, designed to make everyone look silly and yet provide the winner with £70!


The night raised a fantastic £1912.81 and we have all of you to thank for it. The money raised will go towards sending a sick child and their family on a Smiles and Memories holiday!

The Annual SAM Quiz Night 2013

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