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Here are a few letters from families The S.A.M Fund have sent on holidays in the past year.  Hopefully from these, you can see how much happiness these holidays provide and how important your donations are.


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Jimmy's Letter:

Abbie's Letter:

The Elliott Family Letter:

Karl's Family Letter:

This break provided more than smiles and memories; it provided a time to forget! A time to forget chasing appointments. A time to forget pushing for services/activities. A time to forget stressful environments. We felt light, free, like rebels. No more rigid routines, we did as we pleased, when we pleased. You can’t imagine how people take that for granted. And of course we collected a few memories along the way and lots of smiles. 

I have to speak for Karl, but I am sure I know what his favourite holiday memories will be from the responses at the time. 

Taking a walk to the beach every day sometimes twice a day, to watch the waves roll in- and laughing at the people brave or foolish enough to take a quick dip. 

Having constant attention from the friendly staff members at the hotel, who made Karl feel ever so important. He was certainly a VIP, how cool is that!

Eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate on the balcony of our hotel room wrapped in a couple of spare duvets –where we often fell asleep. 

The colour changing lights of the shower was a party every morning and evening! The floor got soaked; thank heavens for house-keeping and all those spare towels. 

The disco lights in the elevator alongside the terrible disco music- which broke Karl out into laughter before we even pushed the button. Maybe he liked the music or maybe he just loved watching his mum cringe! 

Chasing other holiday makers (who were using the bikes) in his wheelchair at full speed. With so much open space at the resort the chances of Karl hitting an obstacle were slim. It’s a good thing everyone was so jolly about the chase!

MUSHROOMS! Karl became known as the mushroom boy. For some reason fried mushrooms were all he would eat. We must have tried everything on the menu in every restaurant. It wasn’t too long before his mushrooms were ready a waiting for him at every meal time. 

We were very disappointed when we had to leave the holiday early because Karl became ill. It felt like such a waste. The Sam Fund were extremely helpful and reassuring, putting the needs of Karl first. And with a sprinkle of that magic star dust that is The Sam Fund, weeks later we discovered that Butlins are going to ensure we get to finish our holiday and Chris will help make the arrangements when Karl is fit enough to travel. How do you put into words the feelings that conjures; because thank you just doesn’t feel enough!

 Thomas's Family Letter:

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